John Tsimas

John Tsimas

John Luna Tsimas is half Greek and half Puerto Rican.
He first came across the bass guitar back in ’91 with his school band, three guys without any tutoring on their instruments but full of love and passion for music.

In 1993 he went to his first DIO concert and made his dream come true!!! He had a 5 minute conversation with the MAN!!!

By the early 00’s he had been a member of several rock-hard rock & metal bands.

In 2003 he joined AIRGED LAMH. A power folk metal band based on Celtic mythology.

It was 2009 when he also joined DEXTER WARD, an oldschool US metal band E.P 2010 (ANTARCTIC DREAM), a full length 2011 (NEON LIGHTS) vinyl single 2013 (STARS & STRIPES), split-E.P 2015 (Rendezvous With Destiny).

In 2011 AIRGED LAMH was disbanded and three of the band members, including Tsimas, formed, alone with two additional members a progressive power metal band called ENDOMAIN.

Since 2010 he’s been a member of the Rock And Roll Children Family.